jik k tbne smWith our first trombone player, Jim Kelleher as the driving force and prime mover, the Dixie Diehards Dixieland Band was formed in August, 2006 by a group of traditional jazz and Dixieland music enthusiasts whose members include a medical doctor, medical researcher, retired businessmen, engineer and an investigative news reporter.  At the time of the founding, all original members were also active members of the Stone Street Strummers Band

Original Dixieland Jass Band

Original Dixieland Jass Band

The Diehards title derives from members’ long-running devotion to traditional jazz music in the style of early 20th century exemplified by such New Orleans bands, as the Original Dixieland Jass Band, and Louis Armstrong’s All-Stars, as well as Chicago area musicians like Muggsy Spanier and Jimmy McPartland.  Later, the Dukes of Dixieland and others carried this style on into the early 1960’s.

Over the years, the Diehards have expanded their repertoire of traditional jazz tunes to include ragtime, blues, and old time gospel music that formed the foundation of traditional jazz.  Today, we include even a wider variety of jazz styles, from the big band era thru the swing styles popular in the 1940’s & 50’s.  Be sure to check out our musical themes.  You might find them helpful in planning a future event.

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General Information:

The band will usually hold our bi-monthly practice sessions on Wednesdays from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at various locations in the general Foxboro area.

Band Contacts(use the form below to contact the individuals listed)

Chris Wadsworth –  Business Manager & Bookings

Carl Gerhart         –   Music Director

Bill Kiesewetter  –  Webmaster & Inquires, Band Promotion

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