Band Members


Meet the Dixie Diehards Jazz Band

L – R    Chris Wadsworth, Paul Peterson,  Bill Dube, Ron L’Herault, Carl Gerhard, Bill Kiesewetter,

Front Line Members:

Carl Gerhart – Trumpet

Ron L’Herault trombone

Paul Petersonsaxophone

Bill Dube handles the clarinet duties that include explosive and creative solos, an important role in traditional jazz band.Bill-Dube-cpt-nw53a0450091284.pngpaul p cpt nwPaul Peterson plays both the soprano & tenor sax’s as a member of the reed section of the band’s front line.  He also excels at dramatic and remarkable solos Ron 06182014 cptThe newest member of the band’s front line is Ron L’herault on trombone.  This instrument is also essential in communicating the unique sound of Dixieland jazz.  In addition to his tailgate style, he brings a sense of frivialoty to the band’s overall performance with his spontaneouos dancing,, vocalizations of past jazz greats.

The Dixie Diehards rhythm section is structured similar to the early New Orleans jazz bands.  Chords are generated by the pianist & tenor banjo, with the lower bass ( tuba ) and percussion (drums)  providing a strong beat.  Members include Bill Kiesewetter (piano), Chris Wadsworth (banjo), , Bill Kass  (tuba).

Rhythm section

Rhythm section


Bill Kass