Theme Details

  1. history of jazzEvolution of Jazz  – We start with pop music from the Gay 90’s, followed by the Ragtime era, featuring Scott Joplin’s tunes.  We cover some of the early experimenters of improvisational jazz, then move into the 1920’s where jazz was officially born in New Orleans.  From there we cover the migration to Chicago, and eventually to  New York, where big band era jazz followed the Roarin’ 20’s. Jazz from the 1930’s to the beginnings of modern jazz ( bebop, etc. ) We end in the 1940’s as jazz gave way to Rock & Roll, Blues, etc.

  2. louis_armstrongFamous Jazz Composers We have performed concerts featuring the works of Fat’s Waller, Clarence & Spencer Williams, Louis Armstrong and others.  We provide some interesting background commentary along with playing some their hit tunes.  We always add traditional jazz standards to round out the evening.

  3. jellyroll cpt Famous Jazz Artists As we did with the early jazz composers, we feature some of the more influential musicians of the early jazz era.  Obviously, Jelly Roll Morton Louie Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, King Oliver have been covered, along with the works from early jazz bands including the Original Dixieland Jass Band from 1917.

  4. mardi-grasMardi Gras – Probably the best known holiday, that featured jazz musicians, and is still popular today.   This show is all about New Orleans and the tunes that make the Mardi Gras memorable.  i.e. Bourbon Street Parade, Lou-Is-asa-na, Miss New Orleans, Jazz Me Blues, At the Mardi Gras Ball, etc.

  5. old neighborhoodsNew Orleans Neighborhoods –  Here we take the audience on a musical stroll from Bourbon Street to Canal St. ( Canal St. Blues ) then to the Garden District (Royal Garden Blues).  We visit Milneberg (Milneberg Joys ), Storyville (Storyville Blues ) and cross the river over to Algiers ( Algier Strut ).  All of these locations were instrumental in the early days of jazz.

  6. On_The_MississippiUp the Mississippi This river was inspirational and a conduit for the eventual migration of jazz from New Orleans up to  Chicago then east to New York City.  We play tunes like the Memphis Blues, St. Louis Blues, gospel numbers and tunes made popular from the old steam powered river boats.   

  7. roarin 20 cptRoarin’ 20’s ( Speak-Easy Night )This theme speaks for itself.  We play hits from the Roarin’ 20’s i.e. Charleston, Black Bottom, Ballin’ the Jack, Alexander’s Ragtime Band.  It usually becomes a “flapper party” with the audience in period dress. 

  8. highway-route66Road Trip Across USA – We begin in  New York, then Chicago, St. Louis, down to New Orleans.  We travel on Rt 66, across Texas and the Southwest, completing the journey in California.  On this journey we play some Dixie, blues, and a few pop hits from the 60’s & 70’s, all are location or travel related.  A very relaxing way to enjoy the USA, musically.

  9. A Musical Stroll Down Tin Pan Alley – Tin Pan Alley Plaque

    Beginning in the late 1890’s, publishers of music began to locate and propagate in an area of Manhattan which become known as “Tin Pan Alley“.  Composers and musicians also gravitated to this area where many pop tunes of the day were composed.  You’ll hear many hit tunes that were associated with the period and location you’ll immediately recognize.

  10.  World War 1 and it’s effect on contemporary music.