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jazz band generic

jazz band generic

Traditional  jazz had it’s origins in the early years of the 20th Century.  The Dixie Diehards Jazz Band  was formed as a typical New Orleans jazz band playing jazz in the Dixieland style.

The term “Dixieland” refers to a form of small group jazz which typically includes a trumpet, a clarinet and a trombone and often a tuba combined with a rhythm section that may include a banjo, percussion or bass player as well as a piano. In most arrangements, the trumpet lead the melody while other instruments freely improvise around it, or paraphrase the melody in creative solos. Green Yellow Logo

The Dixie Diehards have won an enthusiastic reception across southern New England, not only for their old school jazz style, but for bringing an irrepressible sense of fun and frolic to their shows. That attitude almost always includes audience sing-a-longs, spontaneous dance outbursts (remember the Charleston and the Black Bottom?) and a spirit of “wonderful  nonsense” inspired by the early 20th Century which gave them their music. 

Playing melodies that vary from rollicking numbers like “Hello Dolly,” “Doctor Jazz” and “Bill Bailey” to soulful renditions of “Basin Street Blues” and “Georgia On My Mind,” The Dixie Diehards are a throwback to the good times from an indelible era in American history.

Since forming the band in August of 2006, we held our coming out party or first public performance at the annual New England Banjo & Dixieland Festival in  Worcester, Ma. back in October 2006.  Since that time, the band has performed, on average 50- 60 concerts per year.

Video Clips of the band are at this link.